Best Travel Insurance Policy from Hong Kong

Traveling is definitely exciting, vibrant and exhilarating to everyone in the world, while travel insurance seems to be an unnecessary expense. Very often it is not because of the risks involved in traveling, especially the overseas traveling. You need to be safe when you are away from the homeland. Unless you carry a travel insurance policy with you, getting help while traveling is not easy.  Best Travel In surance Policy Hong Kongtravel-insurance-policy-hongkong

Travel insurance policy helps to cover a range of helpless circumstances like:

  • Flight cancellation
  • Delayed flight
  • Lost luggage
  • Delayed luggage
  • Medical emergencies
  • Passport or wallet theft
  • Political unrest in the travel destination
  • Natural calamity at the destination
  • Acts of Terrorism causing unrest
  • And a lot more

With travel insurance on hand, you can easily manage the bitter experiences. The insurance company reimburses the amount that you lost during your travel. It rescues you from different unpleasant environments, which are not a just monetary loss, but even medical emergencies. Indeed, it can be a life-saving tool during your trip.

Compare Travel Insurance In Hong Kong

Apart from the legitimacy of the insurance companies, consider the following factors while comparing travel insurance in Hong Kong


Many online websites help to compare the cost of individual insurance, family insurance and annual insurance package for frequent travelers. Citibank Hong Kong now offers 30% to 40% of discounts for their single, family and annual travel insurance products.


Every travel insurance package includes different coverage like medical expenses, travel delay, personal accident cover, lost documents, personal liability, emergency medical evacuation, cancellation of the trip, etc.,. Citibank has incorporated additional protection for mobile, driving, sports activities and cruise holidays.

Where and How to Buy Travel Insurance In Hong Kong?

Insurance companies – You can directly buy the travel insurance policies offered directly by the insurance companies. These policies include better risk coverage. Read out the ratings and reviews of the companies, along with the travel insurance details to compare and decide. The approval process is long and takes more time.

Banks – Another option to buy travel insurance is through the banks. The versatile banks like Citibank Hong Kong include travel insurance in their product list. Policies introduced by the banks come out with plenty of discounts, rewards, and deals. Banks also partner with large insurance firms like AXA and Zurich to ensure valid service. Further, these banks are industrious that they often issue their travel insurance products through their official websites and avoid brokerage paid to the insurance brokers. Within a few seconds, you can get quotes from the bank and instantly get approved. Even if your travel has been scheduled this week, it is easier to get online travel insurance immediately through the online services.

Insurance Brokers – Insurance broker community is pretty big in Hong Kong, yet most of them do not focus on travel insurance. Therefore, it is ideal to skip an agent’s service, regarding travel insurance. Further, the brokerage may eat up the policy cost.


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