Which Banks Issue Octopus Cards In Hong Kong?

Today, more than twenty-three million Octopus cards have been issued, crossing twelve million transactions worth HK$ 130 million per day.


Benefits of Octopus Cards:

  • Alike the New York’s MetroCard and London’s Oyster card, Octopus serves as a smart card to travel via the Hong Kong public transportation. It is much cheaper than the single tickets issued by the public transport department.
  • Apart from journey fares, it can be sued to pay in retail stores, fast food outlets, leisure facilities and car parking areas.
  • Passengers moving to and fro the airport enjoy an exciting 50% rebate on their same day return journey
  • Airport Express passengers get a complimentary return trip, on the same day
  • AE passengers further enjoy complimentary MTR connections to and fro the AE stations.
  • Some car rentals also accept the Octopus cards in Hong Kong.

Which Banks Issue Octopus Cards In Hong Kong?

To enjoy a cheap and easy local travel, the Octopus cards are issued through the reliable banks like Citibank for auto recharge. Citibank Octopus automatic add value service includes the benefits of a Citi credit card as well as an Octopus card. Further, the customers can choose from Citi Octopus Currency Platinum credit card and Citi Octopus Gold card. Citibank offers 3 different options as a Welcome offer, including Dyson V6 Baby + Child Handheld Vacuum Cleaner or cash coupon or tickets for BFB Champions, for the eligible candidates. Every HK$200 spent through Citi Octopus card earns you HK$1 Octopus cash.


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