What Credit Card Provides The Best Rewards For Businesses?

We know that many small business credit cards provide us with rewards and benefits for our business. But, which one is the proper fit for your business? Here’s a list to answer your question:


Top 5 Best Business Credit Cards

Citi Prestige Card – With a huge number of benefits like complimentary nights at hotels, airport lounge access, unlimited points that do not expire, preferential mileage earnings, cash rebates, and extra annual relationship points etc., this card is one of the best options for benefits in Hong Kong.

Citi Rewards Card – This credit card also makes it to the list of most beneficial cards for businesses in Hong Kong with its rewards such as first-year annual fee waiver, airport lounge access, and special offers for birthday months, points that never expire and redemption of cash coupons in, the form of movie tickets etc.

Ink Business Cash Credit Card – With an annual fee of 0$, this credit card is the best one if you are viewing for cash back rewards.

The Enhanced Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN – With an annual fee of 450$, this credit card is the best for rewards like airport lounge access.

Capital One Spark Miles for Business – With an annual fee of $0 for the first year and $59 for the rest, this credit card beats all the others when it comes to gaining travel credit. It’s time to choose the one that suits your unique business needs.


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