When Does It Make Sense To Purchase Travel Insurance?

Buy Travel Insurance – The cover that you will need when you travel, alone or with your family, to take care of unplanned issues like a medical expense, losing luggage, an accident ( flight, ship, etc.), is what roughly travel insurance is all about. Travel Insurance Plans or Travel Insurance Policies provide that cover. The fundamentals aside, every company has its limitations, rules and the extent to which it offers cover. The cover can be taken on an individual basis or for whole families. Most travel insurance policies are taken out at the time of booking the trip, to provide cover for the duration of the journey or a series of the trip. One time, single trip travel insurance and multi trip travel insurance are offered by most travel insurance providers.

Here Is Why It Makes Sense to Buy Travel Insurance

If you’re a traveler you’d know right away that more than flight accidents, baggage loss is likely to offer; as a matter of fact that is the most common issue with travel; getting it covered makes sense.


Medical Emergencies – Not always are you prepared to meet medical expenses while in transit, especially when in another country; check out for the medical cover

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone; even the smallest injury can spoil your whole trip and find you completely unprepared in a different location in an altogether different set up; see if you cover includes injuries and illness

Your health insurance is only good in your country; not many people have health insurance that is international, in the sense that it works outside your countries of origin; it makes sense to be better prepared, especially if you are on a trip as a family

If you’ve made a plan and it doesn’t turn out that you’ll be going ahead with the plan, it doesn’t make sense to pay right? You’d have to if you’ve booked. This is where travel insurance gets in to see that you need not pay for a canceled trip.

Check out plans to understand the cover. If you’ve simply bought travel insurance and it does not cover your medicine cost adequately, it would be an incomplete cover.

Buy Travel Insurance – Citibank Hong Kong includes emergency medical evacuation; medical expenses up to HK$1000000 and also comes with an accident benefit. Many banks offer something in this range, and even more, only you need to shop around and pick the most efficient ones. Ask around, and you’ll know which travel insurance provider lives up to the claim they make. Some even cover sports activities like skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, etc. (for amateurs of course). See what suits you best after going through the whole range and matching it with what you can expect on your trip, will let you find your best travel insurance plan.


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